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Investor Visa / Family Visa / Employment Visa

The UAE is a top choice for skilled professionals, and the government encourages global investors. To start a company, you need to stay in the UAE for a while, so having a valid UAE visa is crucial. We can help with various visas like Investor, employment, and family visas. Companies get residential visas, and employees from abroad get working visas through employer sponsorship.

Types of Visas in Dubai, UAE

Investor Visa in Dubai
Investors who establish a company in the UAE receive a residency visa valid for 3 years. They can operate as a free zone or mainland entity. Timely renewal is important to avoid inconvenience. The government is considering a 10-year investor residency visa.

Employment Visa in Dubai
If you’re working in a UAE-registered company and you’re not a UAE national, you need an employment visa. The Immigration Department can issue employment visas with approval from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Free zone companies can issue 3-year employment visas, while those registered with the UAE Ministry of Labour issue labour cards and residence permits for up to 2 years.

Family Visa in Dubai
UAE law allows the family members (spouse, parents, and children) of residents to apply for a family residency visa for visits. Approval depends on individual status, and the government has specific requirements. Monthly salary and designation are some factors considered when granting a family visa.

How will IBusiness Corridor assist you?

Our team of specialized consultants is dedicated to guiding you through the entire process of company formation, drawing on our extensive industry experience. Our consultants excel in navigating various aspects of government regulations, including business licensing, legal procedures, and security approvals, specifically tailored to business setups across different service areas.

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